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Empowering Migrants through Health Literacy

For migrants, it is often difficult to make proper use of healthcare. They may have limited health literacy, language difficulties and little knowledge of both the healthcare system and the way in which professionals communicate in different cultures.


In these cases, migrants need to increase their skills in order to make good use of healthcare and empower themselves. They can, however, only do this to a certain extent. Therefore, it is very helpful for healthcare organizations learn how to communicate in a way that every patient can easily understand.


Pharos helps healthcare organisations to make healthcare more accessible in the following ways:


- how to reach patients who might not find the way to specific healthcare themselves

- how to adjust language and content when communicating

- how to make folders, films and other means of information easier to understand.


This pre-conference provided insights into health literacy among migrants in Europe, demonstrating practices from European countries and focusing on how investing in health literacy and accessible communication can empower migrants. Through roleplay and demonstrations, this workshop discussed the experience of a migrant patient, used examples of projects in which Pharos has helped to make healthcare more accessible, and explored different sorts of communication.





PHAROS (The Dutch Centre of Expertise on Health Disparities)


Operating from the principle of ‘health and quality health care for all’, Pharos deploys its knowledge and expertise to reduce health disparities and to improve the quality, effectiveness and accessibility of (health) care for people with limited health literacy and migrants and reinforce prevention and self-management among these groups. 



13:30  Welcome
13:45  Presentation by Marjolijn van Leeuwen
- Health Literacy and migrants
- Second language and Health Literacy with roleplay and exercises
14:45  Coffee break
15:15  Presentation by Hester van Bommel
- Visual information for low literated (diabetic) patients 
15:45  Presentation by Kaveh Bouteh
- Cultural beliefs and Health Literacy with roleplay and exercises
17:15  Conclusions



Tue November 17, 2015 09.00 to
Thu November 19, 2015 17.00




Management Centre Europe

Rue de l'Aqueduc 118
1050 Ixelles
Brussels, Belgium

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